Freshen your coffee table

Styling a coffee table is a great way to show off a little personality.  Not only does it serve as a functional space, it can be a beautiful space as well. Today I'm sharing a few ideas to freshen your coffee table.

image source

Candle | Every coffee table needs a great candle.  I'd recommend this, this or this.

Tray | Placing smaller objects on a tray is a great way to add cohesiveness and keep things looking organized.  Love this tray, this tray, and this tray.

Trinkets | A fun way to add some personality.  Add anything! Coastersmagnify glass, matches, or just something pretty.

Books | I love this one and this one. Plum Pie has a great list of coffee table books as well.  

Vase | With fresh blooms in them of course :)  I love this one, this one and this one.