8 Tips for a Happy Spring

Spring is in full bloom and I am loving every second of it.  Today we are sharing 8 tips to help brighten your spring:

1. Declutter:  This 20 Things to Purge Check List is super helpful.

2. Light a candle:  I recommend Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone. Mmmm.

3. Fresh flowers in gorgeous vase: Loving these Welcome Spring Vases and these Etched Mercury Vases.

4. Buy a new pair of sneakers:  I'm obsessed with these (and on sale)!

5.  Start planning your summer vacation:  This article, 10 Ways to Save Up For and Fund Your Next Summer Vacation, has some great ideas.

6. New throw pillows:  Target has some amazing pillows, I recently bought this and this.  They feel so high end and really freshened up my living room.

7. Get outside with your kids:  And you don't have to go far, check out this post DIY Backyard Adventures for Kids.

8.  Start your garden: This Spring Vegi Garden 101 by Brit and Co is a great source.