Backyard Beauties

Is there a certain place that makes your heart sing? I've traveled the world and lived in several states. Yet my happy places will always be my parents backyard in summer. A creek runs through the edge of their property, large oak trees that offer the perfect shade, lots of lush grass, berry bushes and fruit trees of all sorts. There really are no words to describe how magical it feels.

Backyards hold so much potential and offer so much magic right out your back door. It doesn't matter the size of your yard, we all deserve that perfect oasis. Some inspiration I've been gathering for my dream backyard: 


Best Friends Club

My 8 year old daughter is constantly gushing over her friends. She writes them notes, makes them crafts and spends her own money to buy them things. What a great little example she is to me. In an effort to show my appreciation to my friends, I hit ETSY.

Here's a few favorites:  


Friday Favorites

Good Morning our favorite Mommy Mailbox readers. We made it through another week, hooray! Today I'm sharing a few spring favorites:



1. How to Care for Tulips. Tips for when they’re in the ground, potted, or displayed in a vase.

2. 5 Transitional Tips For Dressing Springy, give me all the fashion tips!

3. The Best Places to Travel in April. Yes! I need a vacation ;)

4. Loved reading this post: Spring Décor Updates To Make To Your Home.

5. April showers bring May flowers? Loving Target's selection of Hunter Boots! Bring on the rain.

Blossom Obsessed

What a beautiful time of year. Right now my town is covered in gorgeous pink and white blossoms. It is such a lovely treat, especially after a long winter. 

I hope you are enjoying your spring and the beauty around you.


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends! What a great week. Spring is in air and I couldn't be happier about it. We have blossoms all over town and I actually felt the sun on my skin this week! What a joy.


Here are a few favorites for you:

1. Lauren Conrad's nautical nursery. Loving the soft colors and pops of blue.

2. Ultimate Hack to Transform Your Grilled Cheese Sandwiches... yum!

3. 12 Ways to Get Out of a Slump. I know I could sure use some self-care this weekend.

4. 8 Female-Led Podcasts We Can’t Stop Listening To, excited to dive into some of these.

5. Gentry Kids and Master Bath Reveal, I love a good before and after. 


Have a great weekend. 

xo Mommy Mailbox Team

Spring Outfit to Copy

You guys know I love shopping and I love a great outfit. This photo popped up on my Pinterest last week and I was determined to copy it for myself. 


Here is how you can too no matter your budget:

Loving this body suit, this top or this top.
Why are white skirts hard to find? Maybe this skirt or this cheaper option could work.
These sunglasses or these.
This black purse is super cute. Another option here.
Not digging her watch, so I'd probably go from something like this instead.

Curled ponytail and you're good to go!

Favorite Doormats

Maybe its the nature of our business... but I love opening up my front door and seeing something gorgeous (nothing tops my monthly Mommy Mailbox 😉). I've really come to appreciate a well kept front porch. First step, a great doormat.

I recently stumbled upon Olive Paper Company and they sell the cutest doormats! So today I'm sharing a few of my favorites from her site:


Shop these and more here.

Thinking about Easter

I can't believe Easter is this weekend! Yay! I love Easter, and Spring, and pretty dresses, and milk chocolate eggs...

Today I'm sharing a few Easter favorites:


photo source

Little girl dress? Our favorite ones, the pastels are perfect!

Little boy shirt? Can't beat this adorable gingham option.

New shoes for Mom? You should buy these pink bow pumps!

Tie for dad? I love this silk dot tie.

Breakfast for the family? These waffles are super creative.

The perfect Easter basket? Love this option for girl and boy.

Cute decor? Love this garland.

The most adorable Easter Brunch? (photo above), check out the full spread here.